Shipping & Freight Forwarding Mediation

Curriculum Vitae

  • Barrister
  • Masters Degree in Maritime Law
  • CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • Member of the Baltic Exchange

Employment History



Oceanus Protection & Indemnity Club
Handling cargo, personal injury, collision and freight forwarding claims.



Seven Seas Maritime Ltd. - London - Agents of Ship Owners
Handling all claims in connection with shipping i.e. Hull and Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, War Risks and Freight, Demurrage and Defence disputes. Placing insurance for the vessels and assisting in the purchase of vessels at public auctions.


1985 - Present

M C Kershaw & Co. Ltd.
For the past 30 years I have been running my own business, acting as in-house legal adviser for shipowners, charterers, ports, protection & indemnity clubs, insurers and freight forwarding companies, handling all disputes that arise in connection with their shipping, insurance and employer's liability claims.

In addition, handling aviation claims, taking into consideration the various jurisdictions that are involved, especially the USA. During that time I have also handled claims for insurance brokers. I have recently been involved in handling several ships that have been captured by pirates, this has entailed liaising with all parties to arrange the vessel’s release, collecting the ransom, arranging the drop and meeting the vessel/hostages at the Port of Refuge.

Also liaising with War Risk/P & I and cargo Underwriters in respect of all the claims that arise from the incident. In addition, handling claims/negotiations with carriers, P & I clubs/lawyers arising as a result of major shipping casualties, including salvage and General average.


1999 - 2008

Steward of the National Greyhound Racing Club

Attending disciplinary hearings and considering suitable penalties in accordance with the Rules of racing.


2001 - Present

Acting as lead mediator in shipping, freight forwarding, insurance, banking and landlord and tenant disputes.



On the steering committee of the 2005 BIFA trading conditions.



Chairman of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain's disciplinary committee
The function of the committee is to ensure that any breaches of the rules of racing are fully considered and such sanctions are taken so as to maintain the integrity & reputation of greyhound racing.


2014 - Present

Vice Chairman and trustee of the charity Horses4Homes


2015 - Present

On the disciplinary panel for the British Equestrian Federation concerning the doping of horses in competition



Breeding Spanish horses and competitive dressage riding/training.