Shipping & Freight Forwarding Mediation




"Christine has recently managed a difficult mediation for us in a most effective manner. Her combination of charm, commercial experience and professionalism will undoubtedly be key factors in ensuring her success as a mediator"

Nicholas Parton, Jackson Parton


Piracy Assistance

"Dear Christine,

Generally, it is the customer who gets all the attention.

After long 105 days of anxiety and nervous time, on 14th March 2011, we held our most important moments in our history on the occasion of the sailing of our vessel JAHAN MONI from Somali coast after the release from the Somali pirates. One of the things we thought of first was to write a couple of tens of our partners to thank them for their relentless support over the entire period of our most difficult days of our company history. Without them, we said, we could not surely have become what we are i.e., the most caring ship owner in and around Bangladesh; in fact, we would not even be around in shipping business any more. Of course, we meant it; you know the importance of loyal and trusted friends as well as we do.

But later I got to thinking: What about the beautiful Christine of M. C. Kershaw & Co Ltd who kept us in high moral and great hope during the entire period of our physical and mental hardship of such totally new / uncommon incident of Somali piracy.

As I look back on the dreadful event and the magnificent confusion that one expects on such an occasion - our ship’s seizure, crew and their love ones’ ordeal during the captivity, the ship’s and her crew post release assistances, all legal helps etc., I always think of the exceptional help by your good self in most caring and professional manner. We can never forget that you personally remained on the ‘big day the March 20th 2011 – when the vessel called Salalah, Oman as port of refuge’ to perform numerous chores whenever you were needed – from talking with various visitors and demonstrating your true and convincing expertise. You were a godsend.

We are enormously grateful to you, Ms Christine, for guiding us on this mentioned critical and most complex issue that can ever happen to any shipping company. As far as we are concerned, Christine – you will be accorded a warm welcome here every time your works and travels take you in our direction."

Brave Royal ship Management (BD) Limited, Mohd Mehrul Karim