Shipping & Freight Forwarding Mediation

Fast Track Mediation

The success of mediation is growing fast as more people realise the benefits. However, still greater improvements can be made. Fast Track Mediation (FTM) is the answer for those who think that they can resolve their difference quickly, efficiently and, therefore more cheaply.

Do you have a dispute that you think can be settled in a 4 hour session?

FTM offers you the opportunity to settle disputes in a fixed period for a fixed cost.

FTM will be on the basis of a brief summary of the case together with limited documentation. The idea being to discuss settlement, not the legal arguments which are known to the parties.

However it's not a problem if it transpires that one session is not quite enough. You simply arrange one more session, at a reduced cost to complete.

With Fast Track Mediation less is more. Settlement of disputes with:

  • Less aggravation
  • Less cost
  • Less valuable time wasted


Fixed period for one session of 4 hours - £ 500.00 per party (plus Vat if applicable) which includes prior reading of papers.


Please Contact me to discuss your requirements.